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Welcome to www.PunkersDigest.com! The official site of the Punker's Digest magazine Australia!

Reserve your copy of the trial edition today! Simply click the "Issues/Ordering Info" tab.  As we are a new and developing magazine we could use all the help, suggestions and praise we can get.  For information on requests, suggestions and general comments please hit the "Staff/Contacts".  

To join the Punker's Digest team check the "Join Us" section - if you wish to join the street team, you wish to write for us or you just wanna help out in any way!

For up-to-the-minute band touring information check the "Tours" section.  As we are an Australian based magazine, Australian dates get first posting preference but we will include international dates as well.


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CD reviews, reviews of live gigs, concerts and festivals and general band information will be posted as the magazine grows!  To order yourself a copy of the trial edition today simply click the "Issues/Ordering Info" tab, the trial edition is set to hit the street late may 2003.


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