Jester :: July 1, 2003
Well the holidays have started for us Aussies, and here I am updating the website, notice the new design!?  Updates expected soon after this posting, probably Monday as per usual!

Jester :: June 16, 2003
Well the festivals page is up after some hounding from the slave driver that is the editor! The tours have been updated and we're all looking forward to that magical day in October....*LIVID*!!

Jester :: June 2, 2003
I redid all the news bars for each of the pages. As well as making some new pages...Goon Watch 2 is up, look out for Goon Watch 3&4!

Jester :: May 26, 2003
Sorry people  but I'm still getting hostage issues where ever I host the forum. *Hopefully* it'll be up before next update.

Jester :: May 5, 2003
Site fully updated today will all content provided by the Editor-In-Chief. Please take a look around and tell us what you think! 

Jester :: May 5, 2003
Sorry people but it looks like the forum has been pushed back again. I will work hard on trying to get it up but if its not up tonight expect it later on in the week.

Jester :: April 30, 2003
PunkersDigest website launched! Need more info? Click the "Staff/Contacts" Tab.

Jester :: April 30, 2003
To reserve a copy of the trial edition of "Punker's Digest" please contact us!